How we work

Communication and Transparency

We value our client relationships above all else and work hard to build and maintain trust. Our process begins with a conversation. Desired outcomes are discussed and expectations are set. Out of those conversations, an initial outline of the job is created.

We do not provide quotes. Classic vehicles are full of surprises by their very nature. Therefore it is reasonable to expect that scope and related costs will evolve as the project progresses. Custom work at this level requires thoughtful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and precise execution. For these reasons, we can not and do not provide quotes. Every member of our team is here to build world-class, bad-ass cars with the shared goal of complete client satisfaction. Our clients can count on straightforward and frequent communication throughout the project. 

We bill for time and materials. Our current labor rate is $135.00 plus tax, per man-hour

Your money goes to your project. We bill every two weeks and payment is due on receipt. Pre-payment will be required for big-ticket components. Parts and materials purchased by the shop are due for reimbursement at the end of each billing cycle. A separate labor invoice will be issued detailing the work performed. An additional 5% of labor billed is added to cover the cost of consumables. Consumables are items such as welding supplies, small hardware, wiring supplies, solvents, chemicals, grinding/sanding media, rags, and the like. This cost-effective method saves the team time so they can stay focused and productive. 

Send us an email to get started and be sure to include any photos you have. If you prefer, you can always give us a call.

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