Full Builds

Here at Austin Speed Shop we specialize in ground up builds. We are in a sense your general contractor. 

We handle every aspect of the build, mostly in house with the exception of paint and upholstery, which we subcontract to the right shop that fits your style and budget. If you want a car built that you do not already own we can help you source the right starting point.

We have a range of taste and expertise, all of us have an eclectic appreciation for different types of cars and trucks, pulling influence from new, traditional, coachbuilt to european motorsports. Our ultimate goal is to build a timeless, functional machine. We have the capabilities to build you a period perfect 32 Hot Rod sourcing some of the coolest most rare speed equipment, creating something that looks at home on the dry lake beds of El Mirage in the 1940’s or the little books of 1959. Or a 60’s Muscle Car track monster that would give the latest off the lot Corvette a run for it’s money. All of it, with taste, an eye for detail and proportion, making sure everything belongs, is functional, long lasting and not and after thought.

Our talented fabricators and world class mechanics will exceed your expectations at every chance.

We have mechanics that each have their specialty, from multi carb setups on an old caddy motor or flathead to a twin turbocharged 1000+hp LS/LT

Chassis work, we can build or modify an existing chassis, or help guide you into an aftermarket chassis to suit your needs and budget.

Fabrication, all in house, building the car with a solid backbone, making sure any damage and rust is repaired, creating perfect panel fitment and operation. Then moving to the customization, operating with restraint and the big picture in mind , tastefully massaging each panel for flow and style and creating a fit and finish above and beyond the original. Have a car with a body part that needs replaced and it is impossible to find? We can build it from scratch. There is really no limit to what we can build you.

Mechanical / Electrical We do most of the buildout prior to sending a car to paint, ensuring that everything works together, fits and performs, doing it at this stage allows us to change things that might require fabrication, but also speeds up the time as we are not playing operation around your freshly paint parts while we figure out how something is going together. The project can be as simple or complex as you want. Over the years we have weeded through many aftermarket and stock components and our experience will help you find the right component. We at all points consider the user experience, rather it’s use and accessibility from the drivers seat to routine inspections and maintenance. Every component is installed with this in mind. The quality of the experience, the sounds, ergonomics and tactile feed back all are what make the quality of a build.

Assembly We handle final assembly, testing and tuning. If possible we schedule return follow up visits to do fluid changes and nut and bolt inspections. Also to go over any changes or extra requests. We make an effort to keep the relationship going to give you years of enjoyment.

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