Full Builds

We specialize in full builds from the ground up

Our team brings a range of tastes and expertise to every build with a common goal: to build timeless, functional machines, and always with an eye for detail and proportion, cohesion, style, and performance.

We’ll handle every aspect of your build. We outsource paint, upholstery, and chrome, choosing the shop that fits your style and budget. Looking for a solid vehicle to begin a build? We can help you with that too.

World-class fabricators and mechanics will exceed your expectations at every turn.

Chassis We can build or modify an existing chassis, or guide you to the ideal  aftermarket chassis for your unique project. Our expertise ensures that your vehicle will have the right look and optimal performance.

Fabrication We build cars with solid bones. Any rust or damage is eradicated.  Every panel is massaged for flow and style to create fit and finish above and beyond the original. If a body part needs replacing but can’t be found, we build it from scratch. 

Mechanical / Electrical Each with their own specialty, our team of mechanics will complete most of the buildout before the car goes to paint. This is the time to ensure that everything works together, fits, and performs. Every component is installed with the user experience in mind. The sounds, ergonomics and tactile feedback are what really set apart a quality build.

Assembly We handle final assembly, testing and tuning. After you’ve driven your vehicle awhile, a follow up visit to change fluids and inspect all nuts and bolts will be done. Any desired changes or extra requests will be addressed. We expect our builds to provide many years of enjoyment, and make every effort to build lasting relationships.

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