The Hill Country Flyer

This 32 started out with the direction of a  nice traditional driver, with a pretty custom chassis, Dan wanted the car to have good fit and finish but also not look completely out of place on the lake beds of El Mirage. With lots a nods to some of our favorite 32’s from the past with most of the key points following the Doane Spencer Roadster. Using lots of original parts to add soul to the bookville body. And because we try to not build cars completely ordered out of a catalog.

After tearing around in bare metal during roundup we made some adjustments, changed a few small asthetics and did some final gapping and refining. It was at that point it was decided we should showcase the car in the AMBR competition at Grand National Roadster Show. At a fraction of the budget we got accepted and displayed that car which got great feedback. 

We plan to tour the car some, but definetly check it out at Lone Star Roundup 2017.