Jon Michelson’s 1956 Chevy

Jon brought in a four-door ‘56 Chevy in that has been in the family for a long time. His family owns a Chevrolet dealership that took this car in on trade years ago. Finally, he decided to get it on the road. He initially brought it to us to go over the mechanics of the car, but to leave it pretty much stock. After noticing the rust and other issues, he asked us to take it a bit further.

It didn’t end there. It was then decided to fully restore and customize this car. The body is mostly stock aside from body trim, shaved door handles and trunk. The stance was very important to this restoration – lowered on stock suspension, we think it looks perfect. The green paint was laid down by Twomey Auto Works and the white and green interior was stitched by Craig Willits at BTS Customs in Fort Worth.

Now Jon drives the hell out of this great-looking car, traveling Texas with his buddies looking for good roads and great BBQ.