Showtime 1955 Chevy Gasser

1955 Chevy Gasser – The “Showtime 55” started with a decent 55 Chevy and has been transformed into a race machine that pays homage to the 1960’s
Gasser era. Front clip was done in house based on an old drag car “Master Blaster” owned by our own GM Kail, except beefed up a little for todays standards. Body being in good shape just needed a few pieces replaced and smoothed out, a custom pullmax die was made to make the rear wheel cutouts. And the tilt front end was the same mold as the early fiberglass front ends.   The outside is dripping in 60’s custom paint and graphics painted by Tuki. The roof pays homage to the owner’s grandfather who had a drag racing boat that was painted similarly. This car isn’t just show, it has the performance to back it up! It’s powered by a 500hp SBC with 6×2 Stromberg carburetors on an old 6×2 Edelbrock intake manifold. A few modern touches were the Tremec TKO 5 Speed Trans and the New (chrome) 9″ rear end. Real Halibrand wheels with some Towel City slicks out back and Caltracs help put that rubber down