Brian Pour 1941 Chevy

Brian has a history with this car, originally worked on it with his shop teacher in high school, years later reunited with the car but realized his busy career and family is keeping him from rekindling the project. So he found us to do it for him. Years of rust and shop class projects getting redone, remade the back of the roof evening out the chop, reshape the quarter windows to match a stock angle of a the doors instead of drastically leaned forward. And rebuilding the entire lower half mating this foundation to a Custom Art Morrison Chassis. We made new hat channel to brace the new floor skin and allow room for the relocated driveshaft and higher mounted transmission. A 600 HP motor from Texas Speed mated to a Tremec TKO 600 transmission from Bowler transmissions. A one off crossflow radiator was provided by Be Cool, we made a custom expansion tank and overflow tank to sit above it which will be covered by the engine bay panels. 

This project will be timeless with lots of body modifications , all of the modern amenities will be tastefully dressed up. We hope to build something that will look classy and appealing for decades instead of going hard into the current trends.