Listed below are some of the past and present projects going on at Austin Speed Shop.

Steven brought us this 1955 Chevy that was in great shape, but he wanted to take it a different direction. He wanted to build a 60's styled gasser. Lots of research and parts hoarding and here we are.  New front frame stub made in house with a chevy truck straight axle, Olds rearend, Halibrands on all four corners and a 500hp small block topped with 6 chrome strombergs.   
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  The Jewel a 1929 Sedan built for a great friend Brian Auderer, we took this well known car down to bare metal fixed its past and gave it a new longer lease on life.   For a detailed story check out the HAMB thread here.    
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John Joyo has been gathering parts for this roadster for some time now, and it has really come together fast. Labeled as the fastest 21 stud flathead in South East Central Austin. The eight cylinders in this car expell a symphony of growl that will catch the attention of anyone with a pulse. The look is an early traditional hot rod that would look right at home on the lake beds of the 1940's    
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56 Chevy / Jon Michelson Jon brought in a four-door ‘56 Chevy in that has been in the family for a long time. His family owns a Chevrolet dealership that took this car in on trade years ago. Finally, he decided to get it on the road. He initially brought it to us to go over the mechanics of the car, but to leave it pretty much stock. After noticing the rust and other issues, he asked us to take it a bit further. It didn’t end there. It was then decided to fully restore and customize this car. The body is mostly stock aside from body trim, shaved door handles and trunk. The stance was very important to this restoration – lowered on stock suspension, we think it looks perfect. The green paint was laid down by Twomey Auto Works and the white and green interior was stitched by Craig Willits at BTS Customs in Fort Worth. Now Jon drives the hell out of this great-looking car, traveling Texas with his buddies looking for good roads and great BBQ.   ** Look for it in an upcoming issue of Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated**
31 Model A / Paul Sr.TV is peculiar; it definitely creates a world of its own ... But for us it did create the opportunity to make this fun little hot rod. In a crazy amount of time, the guys from the Speed Shop hustled and produced this great early Hemi-powered, channeled, slightly chopped, East Coast-ish style 50s show rod.   Even though the time frame was completely nuts, we didn't hold back and everyone came together with some great ideas. It was a fun build. We look forward to building more hot rods like this in the future.   ** Look for it in Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated Issue #33 **
54 Chevy / Jeff Eber Many of our projects have a past, some customized in the 50s and 60s and some stalled out projects from other shops. This one was the latter; Jeff brought this project in already chopped with the frame done. Unfortunately, most of the work done previously had to be re-done. We replaced the Mustang 2 setup in the front and dialed in the suspension, remade the trunk and rear wheel wells, restored all of the rusted out panels on the lower end and then, with the foundation firm, re-did the back of the chop. We made new sail panels and ditched the sunken stock glass for a 51 Plymouth’s. AccuAir eXo Mount will take care of the air ride control. There will be a lot more massaging in store for the body, so check back often.