Listed below are some of the past and present projects going on at Austin Speed Shop.

This is a very special hot rod that replicates some of the earliest examples of hot rods built in the late 30's/early 40's by the real pioneers of American speed. It's motivated by a hopped up 1937 Ford flathead engine, 1935 Hexagon Tools intake manifold made for 1935 Indy cars, two Stromberg carburetors, 1939 Ford 3-speed transmission, and a 1939 Ford rear-end. The wheel covers are extremely rare accessory wheel covers made in the 1930's by Stewart Warner. The list goes on and on. If you have the chance to see this car in person, you will get it immediately. This car truly represents how it was done "back-in-the-day".
1954 Chevrolet Custom - These early 50's Chevys are one of the most popular and desirable cars for customizers, and this is Austin Speed Shop's take on how they should be done. Chopped top, custom grill and headlights, custom-made '55 Chevy front wheel lip, partial '55 Chevy rear quarter panels and taillights, airbag suspension, and much more. Even though this is a wild custom it has a timeless and subtle design. Finished off with a custom color by Shorty, this Chevy is the perfect blend of classy and custom! Keep your eyes peeled for this one cruising on the east coast soon.   Check out part one of the build here.
1932 Ford Roadster - This salt flats roots inspired, low-slung, Hemi-powered highboy will look as at home on the salt as it will tearing up the streets! There are so many little tricks on this hot rod, you're just going to have to see it for yourself. Stay tuned... this one will be ready for prime time real soon!
1955 Chevy Gasser - The "Showtime 55" started with a decent 55 Chevy and has been transformed into a race machine that pays homage to the 1960's Gasser era. The outside is dripping in 60's custom paint and graphics painted by Tuki. The roof pays homage to the Showtime 55 owner's grandfather who had a drag racing boat that was painted similarly. This car isn't just show, it has the performance to back it up! It's powered by a 500hp SBC with 6x2 Stromberg carburetors a fiberglass tilt front-end, and a bulletproof drivetrain that is always ready to launch this wheelie machine down the track. Wanna race?   Check out part one of the build here.
1935 Ford Traditional Hot Rod Truck - This traditional flathead powered hot rod truck has many subtle custom changes that all add up to a huge impact. It has a mild chop, modifications to the bed, custom rear end treatment, custom front chin and fender pieces, and much more. Keep an eye on this build, you should see it cruising through Texas in no time!
Steven brought us this 1955 Chevy that was in great shape, but he wanted to take it a different direction. He wanted to build a 60's styled gasser. Lots of research and parts hoarding and here we are.  New front frame stub made in house with a chevy truck straight axle, Olds rearend, Halibrands on all four corners and a 500hp small block topped with 6 chrome strombergs.   
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