49 AD Series Truck / Doug Pool

Doug, like many people, wants the best of both worlds. He came to us because he knew we could create a truck for him that had that timeless traditional style but with the solid foundation to start, run, and drive like a new truck. Our design did better than that.

We teamed up with Roadster Shop to put into use their new chassis using the iCON front suspension and four-link rear, all fully adjustable. For the powerplant, Turn Key Engine Supply provided the 450hp LS Motor mated to a 4L65E overdrive transmission.

With the truck riding low and the hood closed, you will see a mildly modified and refined traditionally styled truck with a look that will still look cool 10-20 years from now.

Fit and finish is a must with this project, every inch of this truck is being dialed in with perfect gaps going further than the factory ever did. Not over the top but just the right amount of custom where it counts.