img 3448-300x200About 2 months ago Maggi Savo called the shop and said, ” I wanna get my fiance, Nick, a new frame for his hotrod as a wedding gift”. Nick is a good friend of ours and we were blown away. We instantly knew that he was marrying the right girl…..she’s a KEEPER…..coolest wife ever?


This was kept a complete secret from Nick until their honeymoon when she broke the news to him. Maggi “borrowed” his hotrod from their storage unit and brought it over to the shop so we could take all of the measurements we needed while they were away. Mark Ford got to work on the frame’s perimeter and got as far as he possibly could without needing more info from Nick, who was planning to make big changes to his Model A sedan. Nick’s car club, The Yay-Hoos”, pitched in a Super-Bell dropped axle and some other goodies for his chassis.


Nick has a great wife and some great friends. We were thrilled to be a part of it. Check out the pics…….