Happy Holidays


We at the Austin Speed Shop would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



Open House is still a GO!


Our good friends over at The Jalopy Journal put on a heck of a show every year called the Hot Rod Revolution.

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The Roadfarmer 55



This is one of those projects that really makes what we do fun. Steven Boschma AKA Roadfarmer

brought us this really straight 55 to do the full treatment on.  

Check out the full build on The H.A.M.B.



1941 Lincoln Zephyr


Sometimes it starts with a simple idea that grows into something wonderful. This 1941 Zephyr is a great example of just that.

Toss around some ideas, get an amazing rendering and get busy. That is just what we are doing with this one. Watch our projects page for alot more on this build.

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Baileigh Tools

We recently got a shipment of tools from our friends at Baileigh Tools.

They are great guys that really stand behind their products and make our jobs easier.


If you are ever looking for some great quality tools be sure and check them out for yourself at Baileigh Industrial.

Save The Salt




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IMG 6432Special delivery from our friends at Stromberg Carburetors!

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Poster art by Pacheco!!!

For all of you in Austin for the Lonestar Round up car show this week, stop in and say hello!

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"Best Hot Rod"

daveh2Remember this ‘32 Ford coupe that we built for Dave H. last year? We’re honored that it just won the “Best Hot Rod” award at Billetproof Florida 2012! Congratulations Dave! Glad to see you’re enjoying your car.

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Photographer in the house: El Ojo Photo

ASS1081-07-11ew-MOur good friend Greg of El Ojo Photo stopped by last week while we were thrashing to get ready for the Hot Rod Revolution.

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1956 Chevy Seats

56ChevySeats-1Craig just stitched up these seats for a ‘56 Chevy we’re building from the ground up.

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